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Pen case (burgundy x ivory)

Pen case (burgundy x ivory)

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Gentle curve design for smooth zipper opening and closing

The design has a large opening, making it very easy to take stationery in and out.

The zipper strap is made from deerskin cord (overseas) and the beads are made from Yaku deer antlers.


*You can choose decorative buttons for this pen case.

Please choose the design you want from the decorative buttons and purchase them together.

* All our products are hand sewn. The stitches are more beautiful than with machine sewing, and the thread is tightened one stitch at a time, making the products very durable.

* Scars and stains from wild leather I use it as it is in my work. The proof that they lived in the wild and fought with each other is also a part of the appeal. I would be happy if you would love it.

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