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Bi-fold wallet (Hitotsubu Manbai Day)

Bi-fold wallet (Hitotsubu Manbai Day)

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"Ichiri Manbai Day" is a good day to start something new

" A single grain of rice will produce ten thousand times as much rice and become a fine ear of rice ."

This means that...

There are five of these a month, and it is believed that the seeds sown now will eventually bear great fruit.

The outer leather is made of rapeseed-colored Yaku deer leather that lives on Yakushima Island, while the inner pocket is made of light green Italian Alaska cowhide leather.The colors are auspicious according to feng shui, and are reminiscent of well-ripened ears of rice.

*The outer leather is layered in two pieces and sewn together. It is thick and heavy.

There are 4 card pockets, 1 side pocket, 1 card pocket on the back of the coin case, and a compartment for bills.


* All our products are hand sewn. The stitches are more beautiful than with machine sewing, and the thread is tightened one stitch at a time, making the products very durable.

* Scars and stains from wild leather I use it as it is in my work. The proof that they lived in the wild and fought with each other is also a part of the appeal. I would be happy if you would love it.

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