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Ultimate Island Wallet (Black)

Ultimate Island Wallet (Black)

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*If you would like decorative buttons on this island wallet, please choose from here .

Black x Black

Tochigi leather is used for the inner pocket.

Although it is compact, it can hold bills, cards, and coins.

The bag is designed so that even if you put coins in the center pocket and close the zipper while driving around Yakushima, the coins will not spill out to the left and right.

There are a total of six card pockets on the left and right sides, and cards can also be stored in the bill compartment.

You can store bills without folding them by placing them next to the coin case.

Comes with bone bead (deer antler) strap beads.

☆We wanted to create a small storage item suited to our cashless age that lavishly incorporates the blessings of Yakushima, so we designed this island wallet.

Length 9.5cm Width 10.5cm Thickness 2.5cm

* All our products are hand sewn. The stitches are more beautiful than with machine sewing, and the thread is tightened one stitch at a time, making the products very durable.

* Scars and stains from wild leather I use this in my work as it is.

The proof of the males' battles in the wild is also a delight. I would be happy if you would love it.

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